Optimize Your PPC Campaigns: Our Mathematically Proven System Averages 31% More Leads in 30 Days or Less

Are you running Google ads for your service business? Do you want more, higher-quality clicks without: 
  • firing your agency
  • learning software that takes months to set up
  • or changing your PPC management processes...

If so, then PPCPrecise™ is for you!

Rapid Results

PPC Precise produces results in less than 30 days (we have seen performance gains of under 7 days on several accounts).

Proven Formula

You can relax and let PPC Precise take care of the ongoing analysis and monitoring of your ad campaign performance. 

Expert Strategies

We understand how to optimize Google Ads campaigns to help you get the results you want for your business.

Unparalleled Data Analysis

We Multiply the Earning Power of Every Ad Dollar You Spend

Are you frustrated trying to analyze search phrases when you have only a few data points?

You're not the only one.

We aggregate anonymized data from whole markets to discover the non-converting terms that are costing you money.

  1. You can stop wasting ad spend on search terms that don't convert for anyone.
  2. You can uncover the high converting search terms you are missing.
  3. Cost per lead reduces by on average 31% in 30 days or less, meaning you can grow your business without spending more money or firing your agency.

What Makes Us Different

We know that many ad automation tools are a waste of time. Even the best tools can take a lot of time and effort to set up.

We are not an automation tool. Far from it. We are an optimization tool that has one goal: to have a measurable, verifiable effect on Google Ads that generates more paying customers  for your business.

We believe in proof and data. That's why we won't ask you to pay for our service until we prove we can provide value.

We don't need to make any changes to your Google campaigns. All we need is a quick 15-minute call to get you going.

Three Steps to Success

1. Learn

Learn how we bring big data superpowers to your Google Ads account.

2. Test

Test our technology for free and watch as your key performance indicators improve.

3. Invest

Unleash our proven tech on all your Google ads and see your business grow.

What Our Clients Say

"Our conversion rates have never been higher. Our accounts are highly optimized with less manual work now."
CPAs ⬇︎ BY 79%
"Our account’s results were almost immediate – it was like magic. More conversions and a lower CPA is the goal."
CPAs ⬇︎ BY 63%
"We started seeing results in our accounts in ONE week. The service pays for itself in just a matter of months!"
CPAs ⬇︎ BY 56%